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"Peder has a way of always asking the right questions. He cuts through the noise and gets to the heart of the issue, helping me think about problems in ways that I hadn't before."
- Philip Stenberg, Chief of Staff at Google

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"I've worked with Peder as an executive coach for almost a year now and have become a more effective sales leader because of it. Although Peder is known for asking great questions, ultimately what makes his coaching most effective for me is the fact that he continues to apply a repeatable framework to the problems I'm trying to solve and in doing so gives me tools that I can use personally, and with my 45 person sales org. I'd highly recommend working with Peder as an executive coach!"
- David Belden, Head of West Cloud Sales at Google

"As a CEO of a growing company, most of the things I do, I do for the first time. In this journey, I need to learn a lot about business. But much more, I need to learn a lot about myself. Peder is remarkably skilled in drilling down to what ideas I have. Then to question if those ideas help me or not. More often than not, they don't. After he helped me to let it go, I feel more free, both as a person and as a decision maker."
- Matti Schvili, CEO at inContext

"Peder is an inspirer and a coach by heart. He helped me grow both professionally and personally. Peder is a great source of inspiration and a true visionary. He has a distinguished strength when it comes to teaching the subject of people and behaviour. He does this by clearly separating emotion and the underlying reasoning for how people actually work, and conveys that in such a way that it can be easily understood. I learned a lot working with Peder, and that is something I truly appreciate."
- John Granström, Head of Application Development at Augify

"Peder is always focusing on the key results that gives the most value for our business. He is a great coach when it comes to transfer into new ways of thinking."
- Kristina Bixo, Head of Learning at SEB

"Peder assisted us in a transformation process where the company organisation and goal setting was at the core. The results have been fantastic. We have completely transformed the way we work with great results. Both with productivity increases and with employee satisfaction."
- Lukas Duczko, CEO at Scrive